Get Ready to Coach.


Now that you are enrolling people, it's your turn to become an Isagenix coach.  Like the person who enrolled you, coaching is all about introducing your team members to the system, answering questions, connecting them to resources, providing encouragement and celebrating their success along the way.  


Step 1:  Send Welcome Email, immediately following Enrollment.  Attach the New Cleanser Introduction,                    which includes shake day schedule, cleanse day schedule and food rules.


Step 2:  Schedule a “Box Opening” meeting.  Set up a call, FaceTime or live get together to open their box with

them when it arrives.  Be sure that they’ve printed the New Cleanser Welcome document and reviewed it before your meeting.  Do NOT let them start the program without talking through the program/schedules with you first!! Use the Box Opening Guide for step-by-step instructions. 


Step 3:  Get connected via text. If you’re not already, connect with your cleanser via text during your initial

meeting.  This way you’ll be able to easily communicate with them as they make their way through their initial 30 days. 

Don't be afraid to consult your coach/team or to use Isagenix resources like for cleansers with a lot of questions, with concerns about cleansing, or who are struggling during their initial weeks on the program.  


Step 4:  Send a quick text on morning 1, encouraging them and reminding them to reach out with questions. 


Step 5:  Send a text the day before their initial Deep Cleanse, suggesting a quick touch-base call that night, to

walk through the cleanse-day schedule before they start.  Make sure they’ve got their cleanse day schedule printed and at the ready. 


Step 6:  Send frequent texts during the initial 2 cleanse days, providing encouragement, answering questions,

and helping ensure that they make it through to the end successfully.


Step 7:  Continue to send a check-in text every few days throughout their initial 3 weeks

Step 8:   During their initial 3 weeks, get to know what drives your new team member through the New

               Associate Checklist. Help new  members get started with Isagenix and follow the 

                  You Share, They Share, Repeat™ method to earn money along the way. 


Step 9: ONE WEEK before their Lifestyle Rewards order is scheduled to hit, get on the phone or meet in person and                  have them edit their order - either via the IsaLife App or by logging in at, while on the                          phone or sitting with you.  Explain the benefits associated with staying active, by ordering a minimum of                       100 BV every 30 days.  This will ensure that they remain active and eligible for potential bonuses,                                    if friends and family decide to get on board.