Congrats. You are ready to start enrolling friends and family in Isagenix.  Use this guide to make enrollment simple.

Enrollment can be done live/on the phone, or if you’re more comfortable, fill out the Enrollment Form and enter later on your own.





After each new member enrollment, follow these simple steps: 


Step 1:

Add to Facebook groups.  As soon as your new member is entered into the system, Add him/her into the TeamHealthy and TeamHealthy Eats Facebook groups, if you haven’t already.  If you know they plan    to share with friends and take advantage of product coupons or introductory bonuses, add them also to Nourish Your Business.


Step 2: 

While on the phone with your new enrollee, have them pull up and click on Cleansers.  Walk through the 'Steps for Getting Started' page, and have them open the

New Cleanser Introduction document.  Ask that they print it immediately, and read through thoroughly

within a few days, before their box arrives.     

Step 3:  

While still on the phone, have them visit the app store and download and log into the IsaLife App.  Before hanging up, direct them to, and suggest that they watch the 3 videos at the top of the page before their box arrives.


Step 4:  

As soon as you hang up, send the Welcome Email, with New Cleanser Introduction Document attached.  Be sure to copy your coach, and ask that they respond with a few words of welcome/encouragement.  

Step 5:  

Check back in a day or two to be sure that they've visited and watched the 3 videos at the top of the page. 

Step 6: 

Reach out in 3-4 days to be sure they've received their box, to ask if they have immediate questions, and to schedule a Box Opening Call.