Program Basics

How does the Program Work? 

Check out this Program Overview video  from nutrition coach and endurance athlete, Jennifer Labriola.

And another great introductory video, explaining why and how the program works, featuring Mary Evans, a personal trainer and fitness instructor. 

Maintenance Info

For more on what happens AFTER your initial 30-day re-set, click here.  

Clinical Reasearch

Click here for published clinical research, including studies on the effectiveness of the Isagenix program for weight loss, weight loss maintenance, reducing oxidative stress, and improving athletic performance.


Product Details 

What you need to know about Isagenix products, from formulations to active ingredients to why and how they work to produce results. 

Isagenix for Athletes

This program is not just for weight loss! Athletes of all ages, at all levels, use the program to increase energy and sleep quality, to build muscle and to take workouts to the next level.  Visit this page to learn more about how introducing Isagenix improves athletic performance and speeds muscle growth.

Ingredients: Sourcing, Purity, Safety

View this quick video for more information on the company's no compromise approach to quality countrol and ingredient sourcing - ensuring product safety, purity, and effectiveness.