Maintaining Your Results

Congratulations on achieving your health goals! Maintenance differs for everyone, based on schedule, goals and preferences.  Your coach can work with you to build a plan tailored to your unique needs.
Below (or HERE, in pdf form) are some general maintenance guidelines to follow.

1. Drink at least one shake every day.  

One of the reasons you felt so incredible during your 30 day program is that the Isagenix shakes fuel your body with a long list of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals and other nutrients that it can’t get anywhere else.  Most folks on maintenance choose to start each day with their shake for breakfast.  You may find that on busy days, or when healthy options are hard to come by, two shakes works best!


2. Take Ionix every morning.

Ionix is a super-charged stress buster that helps reduce fatigue and supports greater overall health. Drinking 1-4 oz of Ionix daily (or 1-4 scoops if you’re using powder) will protect your body from stress, boost energy, fuel workouts and help keep you mentally focused.


3. Drink your water.

Water is crucial to maintaining weight loss, daily detoxification and overall health.  Continue to get your gallon (128 oz) of water in daily!!  If you find that a gallon is too much, aim for at least ½ your body weight in oz every day.   


4. Keep meals healthy and clean.

Continue to prep your meals using clean, whole foods.  Use the Basic Foods List provided for your 30-day program to guide you. You’ve established powerful new habits. Keep making good choices!  And be sure to keep Isagenix bars and whey thins on hand to make sure you’ve always got a quick,  healthy snack option.


5. Cleanse!

Even in maintenance mode, your body is exposed to and actively absorbing toxins every day.  Two to four cleanse days every month will help keep toxins at bay, boost metabolism and burn visceral fat and allow your body regular opportunities to rest and heal. There are a few different options for cleanse timing:


  • Two consecutive Deep Cleanse days- most effective for quick toxin loss and nutrient uptake.

  • One Deep Cleanse day, two weeks in a row (or weekly on a regular basis)

  • Daily cleansing (drinking 2 oz of Cleanse for Life nightly, before bed)


Helpful cleansing resources:


6. Keep taking your vitamins.

Continue taking your Ageless Essentials with IsaGenesis every day, as they support immune, cardiovascular, heart, bone and brain health, help to slow cellular aging, fight oxidative stress and fill in nutritional gaps that the shakes don’t.


7. Add other Isagenix products.  

The Isagenix line includes SO many incredible products not included in the initial 30-day paks.  IsaGreens and IsaFruits boost your daily intake of fruits and veggies.  Sleep spray helps support sound, restful sleep.  Brain boost promotes clarity and supports mental function.  The AMPED line supports athletic performance and increases lean muscle.  And the list goes on.  While on maintenance, make it your goal to try a new Isagenix product or two every month!


8. Re-set by getting back to basics, ANY TIME.

The beauty of Isagenix is that you always have the tools to get back on track.  If you find yourself slipping back into old habits, or experience a particularly stressful or indulgent week/month, just get back to basics.  Follow the initial 30-day schedule for a week, or two, or three… whatever you need to help you to feel better, to re-set physically, and mentally.  


9. Stay Connected!!

Stay engaged in our TeamHealthy and TeamHealthy Eats Facebook groups for inspiration, encouragement and ideas, even in maintenance.  Continue to use this website as a resource for information, schedules, recipes and more.

Click HERE for some specific maintenance approaches/schedules, and for vacation tips.