Nutritional Cleansing Basics


Nutritional cleansing is about allowing our bodies to function the way they were designed to.
To accomplish that, two things need to happen.



We need to gently rid our bodies of chemical toxicity. The average person has between 500  and 1000 toxic chemicals in their body at any given time. These toxins - which come from the air we breathe, the food we eat, cleaning and beauty products - not only impede the natural functioning of our organs and systems but can cause a long list of chronic health problems, and cause us to hold onto or over- produce fat to protect the body.



We need to provide our bodies with the nutrients they need to perform optimally.  We require 51 essential nutrients (including minerals, amino acids and micronutrients) not only to fuel our insides, but to feel full and satisfied.  Even the healthiest, cleanest, most organic diet doesn’t provide them all.


Isagenix accomplishes both these tasks in an easy-on-your-body, easy-to-follow program of gentle detoxing and nutritional rebalancing.  This isn’t a 30-day starvation plan or a 30-day crash diet. Instead, you are going to feed your body the best possible nutrients it can get, while systematically removing toxins.  In the process, you may see your energy levels surge, your mental clarity improve, your mood change (for the better) and inches and pounds come off. Everyone is different, but most of us on the program have experienced most, if not all of those benefits, and more.

A typical day on the program looks something like this.  Two shakes, lots of clean eats, and tons of water (not pictured)!  




-POP (1).png

For more information on how the program works, visit Program Basics.