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“For us, the program could not have come at a better time. For 20 years, Tony watched his weight gradually creep up and up, until he was finally warned by his doctor that he was "on the verge of serious consequences." I'd been a fitness instructor for 12 years and had always been relatively 'fit' on the outside - but a full-time career and full house of kids and committments had left me over-tired and over-stressed.  Within the first two weeks, I could see dramatic changes in Tony and I had energy to burn. Our workouts went crazy.  We packed on muscle.  We were more patient with our kids, more productive at work, so much happier in general.  Our busy life just didn't seem so overwhelming anymore! In less than three months, Tony was back to his High School size, and started competing in marathons, half marathons and triathlons. The best part? We've had the opportunity to share this awesome gift with hundreds of our friends and family - helping them to find the same health, happiness and vitality that we have. Life. Is. Awesome!

///Jen and Tony Labriola


"At 52 years old the weight and inches still astound me, 63 pounds released and 63 inches of fat shed from my frame, 5 and a half FEET of fat! I am happy with every mirror that I came across. More importantly, is the way I feel. My energy level has skyrocketed. I exercise regularly, my skin looks better, I have increased focus and sleep better every night. Don't SETTLE for life as you know it. Life can be better. I know this first-hand!"

/// Andrew Lavish

"My goal when I started this re-balancing/cleanse program was to bump my menopausal metabolism to lose a nagging 5 lbs, to be able to fit in my spring pants (the seams were screaming at the butt) and not be embarrassed in a bathing suit before my trip to Bimini.  Ummm... I hit my goal and then some!  Hubby did this with me because he was very uncomfortable, looked 8 months pregnant and had horrible eating cravings... Never have we had such an easy, healthier approach to fitness! Don't you dare call me skinny... I am lean and feel so toned from this program. My hubby has gone from 170 to 149. Crazy! Me 139 to start, to 124.  Never being hungry or have my usual insatiable cravings, no super strict rules and food combos like South Beach, Atkins, Paleo (I've done them ALL).  30 days without alcohol wasn't as hard as we thought.  Went out to dinner and lunch a few times and were able to order from the menu without compromising the program.  Most remarkable is the energy we have now!  People have told me I'm "glowing", as my skin, hair, nails have all improved as well." 

///Sally Rettstadt

"I started my first diet when I was 10.  Motivated by looking at pictures of Twiggy in 17 Magazine.  Fast forward to today.  I've literally lost HUNDREDS of pounds in my life (no exaggeration) and every time, I gained it back.  Because nothing I did offered solutions for a lifetime.  And now - I'm celebrating the fact that my hundred pounds is still gone! The reason it's still gone is because the program that I've been on is about lifestyle change rather than being on a diet - - and as we all know, diets have a beginning and an end, but a lifestyle change goes on forever. My new lifestyle includes FAR fewer medications, a complete renewal of my flexibility and mobility (I've not used my cane in 2 years now), increased energy, better sleep and overall vitality."

///Cynthia Servetas

"In June, our Clare turned a year old. As she took off running, I found myself reaching a new stage of tired. I struggled to take off the last of my baby weight. Between chasing a toddler, a full-time teaching job, and not sleeping well, I felt like I woke up on empty every day. Something had to change. 

A year and a half ago my sister Jen and her husband Tony started a nutritional program, that's literally changed them. They've both dropped weight (Tony lost 60 lbs!), are exercising harder and faster, have enough energy to keep up with their four kids. OK, so I was quite skeptical at first. But having seen the changes in them, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. I convinced Joe Perreault to do it with me. 

After just 30 days, we are new people. Feeling healthy, fit, energetic and HAPPY. My baby weight is gone and I packed on muscle almost without trying. I sleep through the night, and wake up feeling ready to go. For Joe, running is suddenly easier and faster than ever. He has new mental focus and clarity just in time to start the school year with enough energy to keep up with an entire classroom full of 9 year olds." 

///Nora Perreault

One year ago, I jumped on board a simple, easy nutritional program because I was desperate for more energy, to lose weight and feel great again. I continue to be amazed at how great I feel -- not only do I fit into clothes that I never thought would fit again, but I've put on muscle, have more energy than ever and I WANT to exercise!

///Noelle Perillo

Having served in the Army for the past 20 years, I've faced a lot of training - a lot of physical challenges.  Over the past couple of years, it's all become a lot harder.  A month ago, I felt tired, sluggish, unhealthy, overweight.  In 30 days, all that has changed. I've kicked my smoking habit, dropped more weight than I thought was possible, put on tons of muscle and feel incredible.  Energy is through the roof, and - on the verge of 40 - I feel 10 years younger.  This program is incredible.  

///Christian Polster

I never had a weight issue. An avid runner for most of my life, I could eat whatever I wanted. All of that came to a halt - after running the NYC marathon in 1999 - during my battle with fertility. Stress and IVF put an end to my daily exercise, and after I was blessed with twins, my weight started to climb. Then came menopause. It kept climbing. I tried it all... Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, extreme cleanses, you name it. Each and every time, almost as soon as it was gone, the weight came back. I felt sluggish. Didn't sleep well. And then - a physical and subsequent letter from my doctor stressing the fact that if I didn't take it off for good, my health was in serious danger. I was taking years off my life. Something had to change.

At the end of last summer, I reached out to my friend Jen, who had recently coached a few of our mutual friends to health (and incredible physical transformation) with a nutritional program. I decided to give it a try. I've lost 70 lbs!! My doctor (a year after the infamous letter) actually called me "super woman" after my yearly physical. I feel incredible, and 100% confident that this time, it's never coming back!! I've done it all without depriving myself, still enjoying life and food. The best part... not only do I have energy to keep up with my kids, but I'm confident that I'll be around for them for many, MANY years to come.

///Gabby Addison

 I know it doesn't look like much...but what this program did for me goes way beyond what I look like on the outside. The picture on the left was me two weeks before I started my journey....six months ago. 

12 months ago I started on a 4 meal a day program. I lost about a few lbs and thought I looked pretty good (though my daughter wouldn't let me leave the house in this dress!) Even though I looked relatively fit, I felt awful. My energy was very low. My stomach was a mess. But the worst part was my head and mood. I got angry over little things. It had a major affect on our family, and on my work. I knew things had to change. 

I started my journey just after the 4th of July. Within one week I felt amazing. My energy did a 180...and with that came a better attitude!! My family noticed right away. My stomach issues were gone and my body felt strong. And now I sleep like a ROCK! Ask Justin! And just a little side effect of all of that, I lost another 10lbs and went down two pant sizes. I know that may not seem like much but it's everything else that came along that truly made the difference. Now I go to the gym and other body discomforts I had are gone. 

///Robin Stanziale

"Let me preface this by saying that my mom once packed herself into a scuba suit and hooked the suit to a vacuum cleaner to “suck the fat away!” I was the child of NutriSystem, cayenne and lemon juice, Atkins and everything in between. And it was always about what we (women) could LOSE. How close we could get to that (utterly unrealistic) ideal. I was always an athlete so I knew how it felt to be fit, but in the back of my mind, if I wasn’t thin I wasn’t doing something right.


I lived my 20s the way most of us did, eating and drinking too much and working out not enough. Had two kids and found myself at 37 years old and 200 pounds. I worked hard to get off the baby weight but when #2 was well over a year old, I was still hovering around that 165 mark. Living in South Carolina, the prospect of spending the next six months in a bathing suit was horrifying. About the same time, coach and nearly lifelong friend, Jen, posted a picture of Tony. And the Tony who ate Tony.


I never thought of either of them as big people but, holy cow. Not only did they look lean, but they looked so healthy. Clear eyes, great skin. I wanted that. And my husband, a golf pro who’d been a dutiful husband by gaining baby weight right along with me, said he was done feeling “70% all the time.”


We signed up and we were as strict as monks for 30 days. Within a week, his sugar addiction was a memory. Three weeks in and people at work started asking what I was doing. I was sleeping the sleep of the dead, waking refreshed and recharged, and Chris was buzzing around with energy I hadn’t seen since we started dating. On day 31, Chris flipped our tracking sheet over and wrote, “Next 30 days” at the top. My mom would have been appalled! This was not a fad! This was not a phase! This was the new us.


For the first time in my adult life, I began to look at food as real athletes do: as fuel. It was not about what I could cut to lose a few pounds. It was what I could FEED my body to make it perform better. In the process, I got lean and strong and fast. I took 15 minutes off my half marathon best, finishing among the top 10% of all racers, men and women. I competed in a Spartan obstacle run and lived to tell the tale. We started running together, doing pushups while we watched TV, enjoying being outside together. Never imagined that life could be this good!!!

///Meredith and Chris Short

"I've lost...I've gained...over and over again...for decades. Anybody else? So why is now any different. I've lost over 40 pounds, but what makes me so confident this time around that I won't gain it all back? I'll tell you. Every other time, I was 'on a diet'. Doing something temporary for a finite period of time. It was unsustainable over the long term, so no wonder as soon as I went 'off' the diet, the weight came back. What else did I expect? "Who ordered the epic failure with a side of shame and self-condemnation?" ...but THIS time I'm not 'on a diet'. I've changed my lifestyle. I've changed me. I've reset my body and my mind. I started on a program that IS sustainable...for the rest of my life. This isn't's here to stay along with my newfound health and fitness. It's not a lie and it's not a's nutritional good sense. And it matters to me, my husband and my children. Yep, this time I win!"



///Paula Lavish

I can't say enough about this incredible program.  In 30 days, I've completely changed my body. But that's not even the best part.  As a dad of 4, I struggle with energy, and patience.  Since starting, I have amazing energy, better sleep, more patience than I've had in a long time and just feel like a different guy.  For the first time in a long time, I feel HEALTHY.  My workouts have gone crazy and I'm packing on muscle that I haven't seen since my high school swimming days.  Nutritional rebalancing is the answer!!


///Paul Catuccio

This was the best health decision I've ever made! Thanks to mom, I decided to start this program and I've never felt better! Tons of energy and the willpower to keep going thanks to seeing success day after day! We've all been through so many programs where as soon as you lose weight, it comes right back. Not this one! All natural and super healthy. Even for athletes, too! It's not a diet, it's a whole lifestyle change! No looking back. (btw, as you can see from my whiteness, my belly has never seen the light of day... first bikini ever this summer!!! 


///Stephanie Tornatore

Fit and fabulous update: down around 23 lbs. (I fluctuate big time) Went from size 18/20 and was able to squeeze in a size 14 at Kohls yesterday. I think I scared the lady in the dressing room beside me when I screamed with delight! Lost 43 inches from all over! Still feel amazing, still sleeping like a log, and my energy level can't get any higher. I may hurt myself 😀.... When's the last time you screamed in DELIGHT while looking in the mirror? 


///Kathy Bishop

I was tired! I was tired all of the time. I also needed to lose some weight. I had tried exercise and eating "healthy", but the weight just stayed on and I continued to feel exhausted. A friend introduced me to the program and, as a critical care nurse, I was skeptical. I researched every bit of it, but just couldn't find a reason to not try it. So glad I did! I released 30 pounds and 47 inches, but more importantly, by week 2 my energy was back! For the first time in years, I felt really, really good. I think that everyone deserves to feel this way and I love sharing this program with others!

///Carissa Black

I am physically disabled.  I use a wheelchair due to a birth defect, spina bifida, so exercising is challenging for me.  Over the years I've tried several diets, but have never been able to stick to them.  A year ago, I began this wonderful journey on Isagenix.  I've lost 28 pounds, several inches, feel amazing and look like a whole new person!! 

///Wendy Hozer

Before Isagenix I was lacking the energy I needed to keep up with my six kiddos. That's right...six. I was always tired, always felt sluggish, my sleep never felt restful and I was sick and tired of looking at my "mom body" reflection....I was depressed. I tried everything and was ready to give up when a friend reached out and introduced me to Isagenix. I figured "why not" and signed up the very same day. By the third day of using the products I had already lost a bunch of weight, experienced mental clarity, and had enough energy to run circles around my kids. By the end of the first month I was a solid believer in this system and couldn't wait to share it with my friends and family. Now I love giving hope and help to other mamas looking for the answer to so many issues.

/// Beth Zaskey

Picture on the left......ME......trying to 'accept' my body after having 4 babies but feeling TRAPPED in my own skin. I was exercising 5 days a week, trying to eat (what I thought was) healthy, struggling with weight loss programs (because DIETS DON'T WORK), I was starving for minerals and nutrients. No matter what I tried.....I always landed with a rebound feeling exhausted, depleted, and searching for answers, and surrendering to sugar cravings and caffeine addiction. I did this dance for 13 years......and never found solid ground.


And now? Picture on the right.......3 years strong........and I'm happy to report.......I have sustained not only the 29" released but also the boundless energy that allows me to show up at 100%, I am no longer 'hiding' behind my kids, my family is healthier as a result, my kids get the best of me instead of what's left of me, my body is fueled with the best, I feel better in my 40's than I ever did in my 20's and 30's, I sleep through the night, I recover quicker from my workouts, my mental clarity has dramatically improved (no more 'brain fog'), and I couldn't be happier!

/// Abby Greer

Before Isagenix I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wasn't the mom or wife I wanted to be. I was overweight, overtired, and I wasn't comfortable in the own skin. I felt self conscious all the time.


Enter Isagenix and my life was forever changed. I went from a size 12 to a size 6, but more importantly it transformed me into a happy healthy wife and my 3 children (including twins) now have the happy, energetic mom they deserve.

/// Summer Louis

I saw a huge change in my beautiful wife after just a few weeks, and decided to give it a shot, just to see what would happen. A couple of months later... major muscle GAINS, workouts at a whole new level, shopping for smaller pants and feeling like a million bucks. 

"The change is real, no gimmick here. Lean and cut with ease! Honestly this was so easy and I did it during the holidays! No more excuses!

/// Jeffrey El Zenny

I try to eat healthy and used to go to the gym regularly. After my daughter was born and a shoulder injury, I took a break from the gym and it turned into a couple years.  I am a year away from my 40's, a mommy of a very energetic 5 year old princess❤️, a busy hair stylist on my feet All day long. I realized Something needed to change because I was losing myself.  I wasn' sleeping, was tired, run down, & exhausted by noon. Not performing at my peak levels and wanted to just overall feel better for my daughter, my husband, & my clients. I watched a friend who was doing Isagenix with amazing results and I decided to give it a try.

To my amazement, I lost 18 lbs and felt like a new Hot mom almost instantly. I have not even added the gym yet! So, I am stoked to start back to my gym routine and see the gains I get with these Fabulous products! I am forever changed and a better mom and wife because of my simple step into a nutritionally healthy Lifestyle!! No more baggy clothes for me!

/// Valerie El Zenny

Can I get real for a minute? It's been two years since I almost puked when I posted my before and after picture.

Everyone has different goals, and different results, but for me this has changed the way I eat, the way I think about food, and has given me the tools I need to prevent those lovely love handles and dangerous visceral fat (belly fat) from happening.
Personally, I never imagined that after having 2 kids and turning 43 that I would be back at my college weight. And I have more energy and am in better shape than I was at 18.

If you’re looking for high quality nutrition that is Organic, non-GMO, Gluten and Soy Free, (or Vegan options) along with a good cellular cleanse, look no further. It's really a no-brainer.
OH…by the way -if you are an athlete and into endurance and/or weight training….we are NSF Certified… and have an entire line of supplements to help improve performance and recovery.

/// Ann Parker

Just when I thought I knew what was best to make my body look & feel healthy, a friend introduced me to the most amazing 30 day nutritional cleanse. It's only Day 18 & the results are sooo noticeable. I can actually feel my body tightening, my digestive issues & sugar cravings have disappeared.... NOT to mention the lbs that I've already shed. Bring it on!! Can't wait to see what the next 12 days bring!!" That was my first post!! 2 plus years later... still going strong & can't imagine life without the simplicity of our system.

/// Brenda Costantini

Before nutritional cleansing I had digestive issues that I struggled with, was fatigued, and gained weight. I was introduced to this amazing nutritional cleansing program by my boyfriend, Ben Stokes. I have been on the products consistently for a little over a month. As a result, I am now energetic, losing weight, and no longer struggle with certain digestive issues. I now feel that I can continue on this journey to accomplish my goals and help others work toward a healthier future.

/// Blair Fontaine

I've struggled for many years with myself. These pictures say it all. Before nutritional cleansing I was always exhausted, never comfortable in my own skin at all and felt like a recluse hiding away at home. I was introduced to nutritional cleansing by Andrew Lavish, my friend and mentor whom I play cards with. I have been on the products for 2 & 1/2 years now. As a result I am now ecstatic about life with tons of energy, have released substantial fat and feel amazing. And, I no longer shy away from a good conversation. I now believe everyone can utilize this system to transform their own life.

/// Ben Stokes

'm a mom of two spunky girls and about a year ago I found myself in a pretty bad place physically and emotionally. I was tired and lacked motivation all of the time. I hated getting dressed for work, for socializing and especially for the holidays. 📸 I squeezed my gut into pants I wished would fit. I lived to eat. I attempted a handful of yo-yo diets. I thought the only way to lose weight was to hit the gym. I used food as a reward.

Now, I maintain my weight loss. I have energy to do what I need to AND what I WANT to! I can happily walk out of the house in just about everything I own. Now, I eat to live and I KNOW food is fuel. ​ 

/// Kelly Zatorsky

I had no idea how bloated I was! I began this program knowing that I needed a way to gain more energy and lose those last baby pounds but until I saw these pictures side by side, I had no idea about the inflammation! I lost 7 pounds in all the right places, I've gained lean muscle, I'm working out and am having fun doing triathlons again and I'm no longer wanting a nap every afternoon. Can't wait to go to DMV and get a new license photo! This is my new lifestyle!


/// Beth Wolf

Being totally honest, I started the program looking to lose my freshman 15 (and then some) and be done with it. Little did I know, I was about to gain so much (pun intended) while losing that weight. Within a few days I was jumping out of bed before my alarm, killing my workouts at the gym, and having more focus in class. A few months later and I've noticed a significant difference in my mood, energy levels, and general well-being. Somehow fueling my body the way it was begging to be fed led to me succeeding as a full time student while I was also employed full time. Now? I can't see myself without the best nutrition in the world.



/// Bella Gracy

As an IIN certified health coach, nutrition is not only a passion, but a career for me. But after having baby #2, I couldn't seem to get my energy back. I pushed myself to workout and eat right, but was still feeling tired all the time and just wanted to feel better. That's when I turned to my friend and fellow coach, Jen Labriola. She introduced me to a nutrition program that completely changed how I look and feel from the inside out. I have great energy now, sleep well and enjoy my workouts and good food. I didn't think I had a before and after photo to share because I've never been focused on my weight, but what a difference. This program changed my life! 


/// Jennifer Cote

I tried this program as a last resort.  I was feeling tired, unfocused and had realized that I had gained 25 pounds over the past few years.  As a Certified Health Coach, was incredibly frustrated and embarrassed that I couldn’t find a way to get the pounds off.  Soon after I started my program, my energy level skyrocketed, I was sleeping better, waking refreshed, and felt happier than I had in years.  Then the magic started to happen – my clothes were fitting better.  I was able to fit into jeans I hadn’t worn in years!!  I was glowing and excited and couldn’t wait to share these incredible products with every one I met.  I felt like I achieved the impossible.  Don’t wait – YOU can feel this way too!!


/// Kathie Magzag

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