Talking people through the program

Talking about the Isagenix system shouldn’t be difficult, because it all starts with you. Your personal story is what will attract others to join you.  All you need to do to share

  • Ask the Right Questions

  • Present the Program Simply

  • Direct to Tools and Resources for More Info

Step 1: Get to Know Goals

Before you can effectively present the program, you must know your audience. What are their goals? Their experience with other programs or diets? Their current eating habits? The better you better understand goals, history and habits (good and bad), the more effectively you'll be able to tailor a program to meet their needs.
Step 2: Explain the Basics 


Have your potential cleanser navigate to Nutritional Cleansing Basics on the TeamHealthy website on either their computer or their phone.  Use the visual and language there to explain program basics.

Navigate to the Our Stories page, to introduce him/her to others who have used and love the program.  

Have them scroll to your own image/story on the same page, and share your 30 second story. 

Bring them to the Recipes page, and share that resource. 

Explain paks and pricing.  See call script below for specific wording.

*** Use this Presentation Script for a step-by-step guide to questions, and program explanation.*** 

*** Use this Presentation Worksheet to guide your conversation, and take notes ***

Step 3: Answer Questions 


Inevitably, you will be asked questions about the program and whomever you are presenting to will raise certain objections (about cost, effectiveness, structure, etc.) Remember that you're not selling. You're simply sharing your own personal experiences and letting your friends and family decide what's best for them.  For help with answering the most common questions visit  

Step 5: Review starter packs.
Have your potential cleanser navigate to, and type "Weight Loss Value Pak" in the search box.  Walk through what is included in the pack, and be sure to explain that the price listed is the retail price (they'll pay 25% less when they sign up for a wholesale account).  If necessary, have them do the same with Pacesetter, or 30 Day Weight Loss Pak.  Use the Presentation script (linked above) for help with explaining each pack.  
Step 6: Enroll your new member.
If your potential cleanser is ready to enroll, head to the Enrollment page for the enrollment form, and step by step instructions on how to enter them into the system.  
Step 7: Direct to additional resources for more information.
Once you've presented the program and answered questions live, direct potential cleansers to the program video that best addresses their own goals.  Visit Videos and Other Resources here to view options. 
Always Be Compliant
To remain compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations and guidelines, it is important that you do not make claims concerning Isagenix that are not supported by clinical research.  This Compliance Guide will help ensure that you remain compliant in all your communications about the Isagenix program, results and individual products.