Social Media 101 

Sharing your personal journey and success via social media is the simplest, most effective way to create interest and grow your team.
Posting Rules and Strategies 


For maximum engagement, aim for 2 posts per day, 14-15 posts per week on Facebook and/or Instagram, following the 10-4-1 rule:  

  • 10 posts per week that reflect your lifestyle and your passions... kids/family, cooking, knitting, music, rock climbing, running, volunteering .... any/all the things that make you YOU!  Make sure that all of your posts reflect and feel authentic to who you are.  Variety is KEY.  Keep it interesting to keep friends and followers engaged.

  • 4 posts per week that are related to health/wellness, and/or somewhat related to the program.  Pictures of your morning shake or Ionix shot, a team member's before/after story, fitness tips, recipe suggestions, etc.  The goal - your newsfeed should make it clear that you're a  health/wellness coach committed to helping others to get healthy.  

  • 1 "Power" post per week, that speaks directly to the program.  A powerful before/after, a business testimonial, etc.  



  • Post at peak times.  7-9AM, noon-1PM and 8-10PM daily.  


  • Keep it short.  Don't be overly wordy or use too many hashtags.

  • Check privacy settings and be sure that posts (especially program-related and power posts) are public.  

  • Don't be a walking infomercial. 75% of followers unlike people or brands doing shameless self promotion.

  • Create curiosity and avoid overwhelming followers by not offering too much detail. 

  • Connect with/friend others from your team, and learn from their posts.  Use the "Save" feature (little gray arrow in the upper right corner of each post) to save posts that you like, and use them to help you create your own posts.


  • Respond to inquiries with a simple PM suggesting a live (phone or in person) conversation.  You'll be able to explain the program far more effectively if you're speaking live, and once you understand individual goals.

  • Your first 8-10 program presentations should be done with your coach, via 3-way calls.  Explain by letting friends know that your coach is an expert, he/she has coached you and dozens of others, and can help answer questions.