Steps for Getting Started



Step 1. Print (or screen shot) and read the New Cleanser Introduction.


If you'd prefer, you can print the Shake Day Schedule, the Cleanse Day Schedule and the Basic Food Rules  separately.  

Step 2. Visit  Watch the Three Videos at the top of the page: 'How to do a Shake Day,' 'How to Do a Cleanse Day,' and 'Unpacking your Box.'   

Step 3. Download the IsaLife App. 

Step 4. Get Acquainted with the TeamHealthy and TeamHealthyEats Facebook Groups.


Step 5. Measure, Weigh and Take 'Before' Pictures

Taking weekly measurements is an important way to track your progress (even more important than the scale). Learn the ins and outs of measuring here.


Step 6. Enroll in the IsaBody Challenge!  

It's a great motivation to stay on track, is super simple to complete and - if you participate - earns you an automatic $200 every 16 weeks.  You've got nothing to lose!   


Step 7. Schedule a "Box Opening" call with your coach.

Be sure to spend a few minutes live or via telephone with your coach before beginning the program. He/she can walk you through products and schedules step-by-step, and answer any questions you have before getting started so that your 100% prepared - no confusion - on Day 1.